Contract Approach

Construction Management

Davies Development, Inc. was one of the first contractors in Utah Valley to utilize the teamwork driven Construction Management (CM) approach. Construction Management is a comprehen­sive project delivery system that applies professional management techniques to the construc­tion process. From defining initial goals to coordination owner occupancy, Davies Development, Inc. manages the process from start to finish. Construction Management agreements vary from project to project, with some owners desiring to hold subcontracts and utilizing Davies Develop­ment, Inc. to act as their contracting agent.

Negotiated Contracts

Competing with select contractors to negotiate a project, usually prior to the completion of de­sign documents, has fast become the method of choice for private owner projects. Negotiated contracts lend themselves to the development of mutual trust and common goals with the owner and contractor becoming members of a team. The comfort level achieved by using the negotiated contracts has caused many owners to do repeat business with Davies Development, Inc. making it a major portion of their business.


Open communication between owner, designers, contractor and subcontractor regarding goals, information and efforts promotes completion of a project In a timely and economical manner. Bottom line control is achieved through this process by sharing the decision making process with all parties.


In the design-build method of contracting, Davies Development, Inc. will contract with and man­age the efforts of the architects and engineers. By offering this umbrella type contract to the owner, Davies Development, Inc. becomes the single source for a complete construction project. Often a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is defined early in this process to give the customer further comfort in the achievement of their contracting goals.

Competitive Bid

With a history of maintaining a substantial presence in the hard bid public market, which re­quires the use of this method, Davies-Miller is assured of keeping the pulse of the industry re­guarding pricing, design means and methods and competitiveness. While some private owners choose this contracting means, it does not lend itself well to the promotion of all parties’ goals.